Band Bio

Pyrite Parachute has always been about doing something creatively different. The band was originally formed on a whim by musicians who were looking for a no holds barred creative outlet.

From the beginning it was obvious that the diverse influences in jazz, blues, rock and country were going to compliment, not clash. “It’s like making a stew. It takes all the different ingredients together to make it right… to make it good.” says Joey Howard, lead singer and guitarist for the band.

That mixing of influences gives Pyrite Parachute a sound that is difficult to fit into a genre, fitting somewhere between Pink Floyd and The Allman Brothers Band, everything from blues to jazz to country to calypso is fair game. “We move around a lot musically during a set and even more during a show. The closest you may get to classifying us is a term a festival we played used: ‘progressive southern rock’ — which I’m not even sure is a classification…” offers Donnie Garvich, the band’s keyboard player.

Chip Dews, Pyrite Parachute’s lead guitarist adds “It’s fun to play music without boundaries. You can get on stage with these guys and just cut loose. Whatever you do it won’t be too much, or too little. It just ends up sounding good. There’s a lot of territory you can explore when you have that kind of freedom.”

“Eventually it comes down to feeling what you’re playing, instead of thinking it. When your goal is to communicate with music, thinking just gets in the way.” says Scott Housey, who joined Pyrite Parachute as the band’s full-time bass player in 2015. “You end up moving between musical feelings pretty seamlessly, which is something not every band can do. It gets pretty addictive pretty quickly.” adds Keith Weber, drummer. “It definitely frees you up to do whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want…” adds Chip “… and that’s kind of what Pyrite Parachute is all about.”