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Pyrite Parachute Nominated For B-Metro!

Get us to the metro!

Recently the Birmingham, Alabama based magazine B-Metro had their anuual music issue called “Magic City Mix”. The issue features ten Birmingham-based bands and artists that are impacting the music scene. Pyrite Parachute was not included in the issue.

However, B-Metro took to the web (via Facebook) to ask people which bands were missed in their issue. The nominations ran for a week or so and thanks to the greatest fans in this history of fandom Pyrite Parachute got more nominations than any other Birmingham-based band! The goal was for B-Metro to figure out which band that they missed is the best and then give that band a full feature in an upcoming issue.

As it turns out, that’s just the first step. Now we need all of our super-fans to go vote for us to be featured in B-Metro! You can click on the image above to make it happen. Be sure to share it with all your friends, neighbors and pets!


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Paint The Town Red Set Now Available

Paint the Town Red

Were you at Paint The Town Red 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama? Do you wish you had been? We’ve got you covered! Our live set which closed out the 2nd Avenue outdoor stage at the festival is now available for purchase through all of the normal download purchasing channels. All proceeds go to help the band buy gas to get to the next show, so buy with confidence! 🙂 Click on the album art above to grab it from our music store, or you can download it from iTunes by clicking the button. Or you can hit any of the links below to grab it from that service. The options are endless!

Download on iTunes

Amazon Music | Spotify | Google Play


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Help us spread the word!

Are you a member of our Street Team? Are you coming to a show and want to let others know? Are you interested in helping us spread the word about a specific show? You’re in luck! We now offer a downloadable, print-ready PDF flyer for each show that we’re playing a month in advance.

Any time you want to help promote a show you can head to our site and click on the show details. There will be a “Downloads” section there with a link to whatever downloads we have available. We’ll always have at the very least a flyer available, from time to time we offer posters and other items as well.

To make it easy on you for our April 2012 shows, we’ll add the links right here:

Official Show Flyer - 04.17.2012 - 2.96 MB
The official, print-ready show flyer for Pyrite Parachute's show at The Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama on April 17th, 2012.


Official Show Flyer - 04.21.2012 - 2.98 MB
The official, print-ready show flyer for Pyrite Parachute's show at Humphrey's in Huntsville, Alabama on April 21st, 2012.

Thanks for helping us get the word out!

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