News - posted on August 18, 2012

Pyrite Parachute Nominated For B-Metro!

Get us to the metro!

Recently the Birmingham, Alabama based magazine B-Metro had their anuual music issue called “Magic City Mix”. The issue features ten Birmingham-based bands and artists that are impacting the music scene. Pyrite Parachute was not included in the issue.

However, B-Metro took to the web (via Facebook) to ask people which bands were missed in their issue. The nominations ran for a week or so and thanks to the greatest fans in this history of fandom Pyrite Parachute got more nominations than any other Birmingham-based band! The goal was for B-Metro to figure out which band that they missed is the best and then give that band a full feature in an upcoming issue.

As it turns out, that’s just the first step. Now we need all of our super-fans to go vote for us to be featured in B-Metro! You can click on the image above to make it happen. Be sure to share it with all your friends, neighbors and pets!