News - posted on January 9, 2015

EP Release Announcement

One Week

Birmingham, AL – “One Week” represents the first official studio release from Pyrite Parachute, the Birmingham, Alabama based jam fusion band known for their energetic live shows and genre bending musical tendencies.

After several starts and stops with studio work over the past several years the band decided to take a significantly different approach to recording this EP. “We had the right players in place, the right equipment and had learned so much from trying to record before.” explains Joey Howard, the band’s principal songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. “I think the most important thing is that we didn’t try to emulate a big commercial studio. We didn’t obsess to a click track or the things that we didn’t do quite perfectly. We recorded live and kept the best take. Playing off each other is integral to our sound and I think that energy and enthusiasm shows in the final product.” adds Keith Weber, drummer.

“With ‘One Week’ we really did want to shoot for something different. We’d tried several times to get some of these songs recorded and for one reason or another it had never worked out. It was important to us to figure out a process that worked for us creatively.” adds Donnie Garvich, keyboardist. “By doing this ourselves we were able to create an environment that was very conducive to us being creative. Exciting ideas were popping up everywhere and we just had a blast exploring. Add in the very fruitful collaboration with Aaron Hall, who played bass and did a lot of the engineering work on this release and you can really hear the excitement in the songs.” offers Chip Dews, guitarist.

Will this EP change the band’s approach to live shows? “It’s the culmination of years of working and playing together…” says Joey, “… I think we all wanted to get this out there to show the progression of the band in terms of the different sounds we are incorporating …” offers Chip, “… It also showcases a lot of [our] favorite progressive elements that [we] want to include in future material.”, says Keith. Donnie finishes with “In the end everything changes our live shows, even in the middle of playing them. That’s kind of the fun of being a ‘live music first’ band. So, maybe the EP, as a recording, won’t impact our live shows as much as the bonding and work we did to create it will.”

Pyrite Parachute will be playing shows in 2015 in support of the EP, which is slated for release on January 20th, 2015.